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    Premium Grade Brazilian Rose Quartz Facial Roller with Luxurious Skin Oil Concentrate

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    R 399.00

    Premium Grade Brazilian Rose Quartz Facial Roller with Luxurious Skin Oil Concentrate

    R 399.00

    Care Guide:

    – Wipe down with a moist towel after each use

    Key benefits:

    • Increases blood flow. Our facial massage roller stimulates blood flow to the area, which promotes collagen production making skin look firmer and appear brighter.
    • Reduces puffiness. The cooling effect of quartz rollers quickly de-puff the skin which also helps tighten pores. A great tool to target under eye bags and puffy cheeks.
    • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
    • Encourages product absorption. When used with Bloom oil or moisturizer, facial rollers penetrate products deeper into the skin
    • For a refreshing touch, store your face roller in the fridge between uses
    • Helps contour the face. By draining fluid in the skin, facial rollers help to temporarily contour the face. A perfect tool to use after a rough night or before applying makeup.


    How to Use a Quartz Roller

    1. First prep the skin by starting with a clean face.
    2. Apply your Bloom oilserum, or moisturizer
    3. Always roll/massage the face in an upwards motion – don’t roll upwards then downwards as you would a dermaroller.
    4. Begin at the jawline rolling outwards and upwards moving towards your cheeks until you’ve finished the bottom half of your face.
    5. Lastly, use the facial roller to roll upwards on your forehead.
    6. Repeat up to 5 rolls in each area.

    New York-based dermatologist and fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, Rachel Nazarian, MD, convinced me of its more practical merits. “Rollers can improve lymphatic flow and drainage from the face by applying pressure along the lymphatic circulation pathway,” she said. The lymphatic system is the body’s way of cleaning toxins, so by improving lymphatic flow and drainage with a face roller, you’ll notice decreased puffiness, the appearance of tighter skin, and even a glowing look, according to Nazarian.

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