Why choose Orgānico?


Orgānico believes that everyone deserves a life full of happiness and wellness. Our vision is to bring the life-changing benefits of our certified organic essential oils, synergy blends & aroma diffusers to every home, family and lifestyle. 

Your health is important to us and the benefits of our products will:

*Help you sleep better 

*Elevate your mood so that you feel more energised

*Save you money on medical bills

*Improve cognitive function

*Relieve pain

*Ward off illness and seasonal threats

*Maintain feelings of peace and tranquility and reduce your stress levels

*Create a Spa environment in your home


Every time you hold a bottle of our powerful essential oils, you are holding nature’s pure essence. Orgānico offers the finest organic quality available. We are a brand carefully built on a firm foundation of integrity.

We specialise in USDA & EcoCert certified organic essential oils, blends, and an innovative lifestyle range of cool mist ultrasonic aroma diffusers, diffuser pendants & car diffusers for the ultimate sensory experience. We care about others & this is why our social responsibility is not only an integral part of our business model; its our natural way of doing things. We empower local communities & will continue to uphold that commitment. Our vision is to create a lifestyle of harmony, where a balance and collaboration exist between people, as it exists in nature, with ethics, integrity, care and respect for our surroundings, people and our environment

We work with local and international farmers to source plants from their native regions, for the best quality oils possible.

We support sustainable farming practices by purchasing organic essential oils from growers who use traditional farming practices contributing towards a more sustainable, ecological environment for the future.

There is a vast difference between what is labelled as a therapeutic grade oil, conventional oil and an organically certified essential oil.

Every product that is listed on our website as certified organic has been grown, harvested, distilled and handled without pesticides, GMO’s, chemicals and other toxic ingredients, according to USDA standards.


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